Member's Benefits

  • It is very good platform to bring all tour operators together and interact their business.
  • As a association you get very good opportunity to interact with hoteliers, airlines, cruise companies and other travel industry related companies on a common platform.
  • Helps individual members with issues related to the travel industry.
  • Recognition: You can print and use the logo of MTOA as a members of association.
  • Increases the possibility to establish business relations with reliable companies.
  • Adds prestige to the Agency's standing in the eyes of the public.
  •  Networking: Good opportunity to develop good networking for the benefit of business.
  • The networking is possible by attending various meetings, opportunity to attend various State Govt. road shows as well as Other National tourism road shows.
  • To join various FAM tours organized by associations, state tourism boards as well as International tourism boards.
  • Information: Members will receive regular information and advice about regulations related to the Travel Trade and are also updated on the happenings within the Industry across the globe.


We are pleased to invite you to join Maharashtra Tour Organisers' Association (MTOA).

This organisation is for only for Tour operators in Maharashtra.

The organization was started informally from year 1968 and in early days it was focus on Railway train booking issue.
Later on It was registered in 1992 under society act.

The association is more active and accepting Applications for New Membership.

We have as under membership subject to Terms & Conditions of our Association.
1) Life Membership ‐ with voting right & benefits of association
2) Annual Members ‐ without voting right & benefits of association
3) Associate Membership ‐ Open for Hotel / Resort / Restaurant owner etc.

We request you to join this association to create more business opportunities amongst members.

In case you need any information or clarification, please free to contact
Our Gen. Secretary - Rajan Parekh +91 9321257289.

Thanking You,

Sincerely yours,

Vishvajeet Patil                   Uday Kadam
President                           Vice President
+91 9320767601               +91 9987445511

1) Life Membership:- Entrance Fee INR 10,000/- with Annual Activity Charge INR 1,500 Every year = Total payable INR 11,500/- at the time of Entry and Later only INR 1500 as Annual Activity Charge ( 1st April to 31st March)*

2) Annual Membership:- Entrance Fee INR 500/- with Annual Activity Charge INR 1,500 Per year = Total payable INR 2,000/- at the time of Entry and Later only Annual Activity Charges INR 1,500/- every year.*

3) Associate Membership:- INR 5000/- (validity 3 years)*

*(subject to rules and regulations of Maharashtra Tour Organisers Association)

  • Annual Activity Charges period will be from 1st April to 31st March of each year.
  • Membership approval is subject to Rules and Regulations of the Association.
  • Life & Annual Membership can be for bonafide tour operators having office / company registered within Maharashtra state.
  • Associate member can be the Company who is dealing with Hotels, Resort, Restaurant, Amusement park, Coach / Car providers, Tour Operator outside Maharashtra, having business operation in India and registered having Registered GST & PAN. Foreign companies can register with submitting respective country tourism board valid Registration certificate.

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